GWAE Values

The list of values below were compiled together after a club town hall in Summer 2020. We believe these values signify the core of what GWAE stands for. If you are interested in being involved with our club, please be aware that we are more than a space for women and nonbinary students to come together. We take who we hold events with very seriously, as we believe that the people who get to engage with our members are a reflection of the type of work and character we value in industry. We strongly believe in advocacy for students in the AeroAstro Department, and as a result, we encourage having honest conversations about the realities of sexism and discrimination in this industry. If you feel uncomfortable speaking about these topics openly, then working with our club may not be the best alignment of interests.

  • Community: Supporting others, creating a safe space for all.
  • Joy: Having fun and improving the quality of life of our community members.
  • Opportunity: Thinking of ways we can provide different opportunities to different groups, both students in our department from other countries, as well as K-12 outreach both locally and further away. 
  • Justice: Recognizing that we are privileged to be graduate students at such a distinguished school and department, and that we must put in the work to understand the ways that we as individuals, our club, our department, and our institution perpetuate systemic bigotry and how we can go about changing it.
  • Respect: Being a space where we respect and acknowledge different backgrounds and opinions. However, we are also not afraid of having difficult conversations about topics that affect our members' lives.
  • Advocacy: Serving as a tool to advocate for the needs of students in the AeroAstro department. If something happens to somebody in GWAE, we want to be there to defend and support them.
  • Recognition: Appreciating the work that our members do to make our club successful and reiterating the merit of their contributions to both members of the club and to the broader students, staff, and faculty.
  • Growth: Supporting our members through professional development and mentoring, and continuing to improve as an organization through routine solicitations for feedback and town halls.
  • Technical Excellence: Highlighting the excellent work our members do as students in the AeroAstro department, in addition to the work they do to serve our community.